Top Nine Nightmares that Everyone Might have Experienced in Their Life

Falling Jerk

Have you ever been ready to fall asleep when you’re abruptly jolted awake by a random stranger? Those people are just being hypnotic jerks. It’s not uncommon to hear people refer to sleep beginnings as myoclonic jerks or hypnagogic ones. The word hypnagogic refers to the period of transition between waking and sleeping. In fact, they’re termed ‘hypnic jerks’ since that’s when they occur.

Kurze, involuntary muscular contractions or jerks called hypnic jerks occur just as you’re drifting off to sleep. A myoclonus is a group of muscles that includes hiccups because of its involuntary nature. They are sudden, involuntary muscular jerks that occur without warning. The muscles instantly relax after the myoclonic jolt. When someone is moving from being awake to being asleep, hypnic jerks can occur at any time, but they always occur throughout this time.

Flying in the air

In waking life, flying is unusual and might make you feel uncomfortable. According to a dream psychologist, our connections in life have a lot to do with the significance of our dreams. Flying makes you feel miserable and out of control. If you’ve ever dreamed of soaring through the air, you’re probably feeling out of control. Aspirations or self-esteem may be involved. “Flying higher” in most dream books is a metaphor for achieving your goals in life. Ask yourself whether you’re overworked or stressed out.

Being N@ked

As a child, it was a common fantasy to wake up nude. Being nude in a dream can have a variety of connotations. As a general rule, it represents rebirth or a return to nature’s original state. Apart from that, thinking of complete exposure is strongly connected to fame, circumstance as well as external environment.
Psychoanalysts in the west believe that dreaming about being nude might be an expression of a possible exhibitionism propensity and suppressed desire. According to this theory, both men and women dreaming about a naked lady may indicate a sexual urge. Having a dream about a naked guy reveals both heterosexual and gay desire, as well as exhibitionism.

Arriving Late

The dream of being late is a very frequent one.

As a result of living in a fast-paced, money-driven society, being late dreams are common, even among those who don’t worry about being late in real life or don’t have a pressing need to hurry.

I believe it is the world as we have created it that is in a hurry.
Almost everyone has dreams about being late, regardless of their daily circumstances.
Unresolved issues are typically reflected in such nightmares. Having a dream about being late has nothing to do with really going there and being concerned about it.



You should hang on harder when the ship is sinking, but what can you do when you’re asleep? The fear of drowning in a large ocean.


Why does it seem as if you’re going to die when you’re sleeping? Feeling of being dead and unable to feel your body in a dream.

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