This is Why Social Media Couple Goals Will Always End in premium Tears

An interesting story is making rounds right now, about the same old script, but with a different cast. A marriage is ‘on the rocks’ because a third party was contracted to offer essential services to the plaintiff. As usual, we are baying for the blood of the other gender, the plaintiff because, ‘How dare he?’ Isn’t it funny how this scenario never gets old? It is even funnier how we never tire to interpret the circumstances using our dualistic lenses?

Every time we are about to calm down and have a sensible discussion as humanity. Someone must serve some tea and remind us that the war of men versus women is still raging on and we have to keep fighting it? Doesn’t it seem like those people were purposely put on that pedestal, where everyone can see them, so that when ‘things fall apart’, the shock waves reverberate throughout the community.

In short, have you ever considered that all these ‘famous people’ are just pawns in someone’s game? Every time ‘horrible’ things happen to them, someone is pulling the strings, and like the blind fans/followers we are we just do the needful thing of pointing fingers.

Has anyone involved in this saga done something we haven’t done or considered doing ourselves? Why does it trigger us so much then? As the saying goes, ‘let the one who has not sinned be the first to throw the stone’. Those are the words an Ascended Master once told a crowd of Pharisees baying for the blood of a prostitute. What he meant was, you judge others, because you have denied that you hold a similar darkness within you.

This story is triggering you because like the DJ, you have those dark desires. Like the wife, you have been hurt in a similar way. The story has struck a chord with your yin, and the yang is overreacting. The best way to deal would be analyzing the darkness within you and healing. As in staying within your experience, there is absolutely no growth in the judgment of others.

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