This is the Easiest Way to Recover Your Contacts After Losing Your Smartphone

If your smartphone has been seized or is stolen, you should have lost a lot of contact information. Somebody might have stolen your cellphone, or maybe you’ve dropped but have no idea where it is. It is difficult to remember digits. It’s terrible to see all of your contacts go. Occasionally we will not get them back since the individual is just too far away or we have other vices that have caused us to lose contact.
When a person loses their cellphone, they often lose crucial contacts.

Many people spend time copying their contacts into a hardcopy journal. That’s inconvenient and out of date.
Thank Goodness for advanced technology. There is now a better way to save contacts on your Mobile phone. Even if you lose your cellphone, you won’t have to worry because this will immediately transfer those contacts straight to your phone whenever you purchase a new one.

This is how:

1. Open or click the Phone book app from your device’s menu bar.
2. Enter the number you want to preserve.
3. Select “new contact” from the drop-down menu.
4. Next, select the scroll down icon, which will offer a variety of options such as your e – mail address, Sim card, or cellphone memory.

5. Rather than sim card or phone storage, select on your e – mail address.

6. Fill in the rest of the person’s details, such as name.
7. Select Save. This will be saved to your e – mail address instantly.
If you drop your phone and buy a new one, you didn’t have to worry about losing your contacts. It will immediately download onto your smart phone after you login in with your e – mail address.

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