These are 8 Self Defense Tactics That Everyone Should Learn

If we don’t behave correctly, we may end up suffering much more. This type of scenario necessitates a quick response, since your ability to survive might be determined by your level of education and comprehension.

  1. Right way to fold your fist

Whenever you are attacked, you should know how to fold your fist correctly. The photo above demonstrates it perfectly. If your thumb is buried in your fingers, be sure it’s not there! It’s easy to get harmed if your thumb is tucked away in your fingers. What to do when the circumstance calls for you to strike out at your assailant?

2. The easy way to free tied hands

Assailants, especially kidnappers, have a tendency to tie their victims up using ropes and chains. Your fists should always be clenched and your hands should never be flat while bound. As soon as the fist is in that position, you’ll have some free space and some free space to work with. When there is room, it is simpler to untie yourself, but when your hands are flat, there is no space.

3. Note the weak points

Even the strongest individuals have their weak areas. Attackers must be aware of the human weak areas, which include the eyes, the head’s front section (neck), the knees and private parts. These are the sections that you should aim at if you have to fight.

 4. Know signs to use when in trouble

Whenever you’re having trouble, make sure you know the proper motions to communicate nonverbally with others. Did you realize that you may send someone a message that you’re in danger without saying a single word?

In particular, when an assailant has threatened you with dire consequences if you speak up. In order to communicate within your family, you can create your own sign language and learn other common ways of communication.

5. Run away

When you’re in danger, the greatest defense is to get out of there. Never engage in a battle. However, no matter how active and powerful you are, you should always choose running as your first option before contemplating any other option. Always attempt to get away.

6. Use any accessible weapon in your hands

In your hands, you’ve got a weapon in the form of the key. So even a scarf may be put to use. Having an umbrella can also be useful.

7. Don’t place everything on the handbags

8. Keep distance from strangers and avoid corners

Whenever possible, keep your distance from strangers, especially those who appear suspicious. You should also rely on your gut instincts and try to avoid secluded areas as much as possible.

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