Here Is Why Student Athletes Should Be Given Special Leniency When the Instructor Assigns Course Marks

The glory and pride that students athletes bring to their institutions of learning legitimately earns them love and adoration from fellow students, member of staffs, family members and the community at large. Conversely, what is critically overlooked is the amount of pressure they are compelled to endure behind the scenes in order attain the glory.

The major issue of athlete students having to miss class when they have travelled for school events since more than half of their competition are done out of town. Athletic scholarships are very minimal yet we have so many student athletes who excel in sports. It is a fact that most of the best athletes are equally good students. This is attributed to the idea that they manage their time very well and don’t waste their time indulging in unconstructive things.

This question usually comes up since athletes spend more time practicing than academics. Recruiting students with higher athletic prowess basically means trading that against academics. It is common for coaches in athletic department to guide such student to simpler courses because it is easier to do so earlier in the major.

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