Here are 5 Important things You Should Always Do When Looking at Your Phone Screen

Your smartphone is a sight to behold. Literally. If you’re one of those people who checks their phone 150 times a day, chances are your eyes are suffering as a result of your screen addiction. Staring at your smartphone – or tablet, e-reader, or laptop, for that matter – for an extended period of time can cause weary, itchy, dry eyes, as well as impaired vision and headaches. Think zombie eyes and you’ll get the idea.
Fortunately, you can reduce the likelihood of digital eye strain by incorporating a few easy, healthy behaviors into your smartphone-gazing regimen.
Here are seven very quick and easy methods to take a break from your smartphone marathon sessions.

1. Close your eyes frequently. Blinking often (and for a longer period of time) keeps your eyes moist and minimizes dryness and discomfort. When we look longingly at our cherished smartphone screens, we blink approximately a third less than we typically would, depriving our poor peepers of protecting tears. Keep your eyes moist by blinking 10 times every 20 minutes or so, and you should be OK. Blinking also helps to refocus your eyes.

2. Reduce glare. You’re definitely dealing with some unpleasant reflected glare unless you have a smartphone with anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass or apply a matte screen protector layer. The solution is simple and inexpensive: Purchase an anti-reflective coating and apply it to the screen of your smartphone.

3. Take frequent breaks. Doesn’t it seem terrifying? However, your eyes will appreciate you. You’ve undoubtedly read of the 20-20-20 principle by now. The idea is to take a 20-second break off your screen every twenty minutes and stare at anything 20 meters away throughout 20 seconds.

4. Change the brightness. When your display is too bright or too gloomy, it strains your eyesight and makes it difficult to focus. Quickly go into your smartphone’s settings and change the screen brightness to be roughly the same as in the light level in the area around you to resolve either issue in a couple of seconds.

5. Change the size and contrast of your text. Changing the contrast and size of your phone’s text also gives some much-needed respite. It makes reading online material, email communications, calender appointments, and anything else on your smartphone simpler.



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