Church Services To Last For 90 Minutes, Persons Aged Between 6 and 65 Allowed To Attend

Church Services To Last For 90 Minutes


Church Services To Last For 90 Minutes
Church Services To Last For 90 Minutes

Churches have been open now for a little over a month since the Coronavirus pandemic hit Kenya.President Uhuru Kenyatta allowed faithfuls to congregate on July 6 but under strict measures to prevent the spread of the disease.Then, the head of state said that only 100 people would be allowed in at a particular time.

He also banned persons below the age of 13 and those above the age of 58 from attending church services.

Further, Uhuru stated that services will not last more than 60 minutes.

But an interfaith council on Tuesday amended some of the measures announced by the president.


Church Services To Last For 90 Minutes

For instance, sessions will go on for 90 minutes as opposed to the earlier announced timings.

Children aged 6 years will also be allowed to attend church services even after Uhuru suspended Sunday School.

If you are aged 65, you will starting August 18 be able to go to church.

Physical worship services were suspended in March as part of efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus disease.

Some churches in the country resorted to online services to continue nourishing their congregants spiritually.

Several religious leaders had expressed concerns over the state move to close churches with some going to court to challenge the decision. The courts, however, refused to issue orders to reopen the places of worship and instead encouraged the clergy to embrace online services.

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