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Senator Kipchumba Murkomen says wife used to send him fare when they were dating

Senator Kipchumba said he was so broke back then and his wife was the one who would send him fare to their dates –

Senator Kipchumba Murkomen says wife used to send him fare when they were dating

He added that she was so generous that she bought the first car the couple owned – The two have been serving couple goals online with countless photos showing how much they are dear to each other Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has opened up for the first time about how he met the love of his life Grace and most importantly, the major role she played when they were just dating.

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DP Ruto ready to pay for second time to keep Weston Hotel Land

DP Ruto Wants State Agency To Abandon Quest To Recover Weston Hotel Land, Wants To Pay For It A Second Time

weston hotel
Weston Hotel/courtesy

Deputy President William Ruto has sought to have a state agency abandon its quest in recovering the land on which Weston Hotel sits on and instead accept payment for it.

According to the Standard, Ruto has urged the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) to finish negotiations for compensation of the land as directed by the National Land Commission (NLC).

Apparently, Weston Hotel Limited did a new filing before the July 29 hearing date which will see it conclude negotiations that will determine how much it will pay KCAA for the 0.773-hectare that is opposite Wilson Airport.

Initially, the Hotel had argued that it was the legitimate owner of the parcel of land hence the directive to compensate the government would be unfair and unjust enrichment of the State agency.

Consequently, a fresh valuation of the land is to be done which will determine how much Ruto was to pay NLC so as to regularize the Title to Weston Limited.

Weston through lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi now wants the court to strike out the case citing that KCAA has not exhausted the remedies offered by the commission. Weston accuses KCAA of filing multiple claims over the property in different forums thus abusing the court process.

For example, Weston Limited argues that KCAA’s case does not have a serious purpose since it failed to exhaust the available remedies as the claims were filed in different forums contrary to the principle that states a person challenging a decision must first pursue the available solutions offered to him/her before seeking a review or setting them aside.

“While appreciative of the substance of the subject matter herein and in cognisance of the adjudication process that had already been undertaken by the first respondent (NLC) in relation to the subject matter, the second respondent (Weston Hotel) prays for stay and or dismissal of the petition herein,” the application filed on June 16 is quoted by the publication.

It further reads, “The Constitution and the relevant statutes set out a detailed procedure and process for seeking redress, and the petitioner has already pursued that process and procedure half-way. It is in contention of the second respondent that the procedure and process are mandatory, and this honourable court is lawfully obliged to order the petitioner to finalise and or pursue that process and procedure to the end.”

According to lawyer Ahmednasir, the land dispute was already settled by the commission and the only available approach for Wilson Airport is to approach the court through filing an appeal and not a fresh suit.

A firm alleged to have been the initial owner of the contested land, Priority Limited also echoed the new application by Weston Hotel Limited stating that the case had already been prosecuted.

Priority Limited through its lawyer Katwa Kigen argued that KCAA already prosecuted the case against Weston before NLC could obtain a valid judgement.

“The petitioner’s claim is res judicata in toto in the face of lack of an appeal from the NLC’s adjudication and the decision of the selfsame dispute. The petitioner’s petition is an abuse of the court process, including the proceedings available at the NLC,” reads Priority’s reply filed on July 1.

KCAA through its lawyers Otiende Omollo and Stephen Ligunya has however maintained its stand that its only desire is to get back to its land.

In June 2019, KCAA moved to the Lands and Environment Court in a suit filed by lawyers Otiende Amollo and James Orengo challenging a deal brokered NLC in which Ruto was required to compensate KCAA.

On January, NLC had recommended that the DP “pays the current market price of land to KCAA so as to enable it to purchase land of equal value.”

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Tanzania Bans Domestic Broadcasters From Airing Foreign-made Content Without State Permission

President John Magufuli. PHOTO/ COURTESY

The Tanzanian government has banned all domestic licensed broadcasters from carrying foreign-made content without state permission.

The new directive is part of the revised guidelines issued by the country’s Communications Regulatory Authority.

After obtaining permission to air content from international media houses like BBC, DW and CNN, the authority details that the licensed broadcasters will take responsibility for any content deemed “unsuitable”.

“Baada ya kupata kibali cha kujiunga na mtoa huduma mwingine wa maudhui. Mwenye leseni atawajibika kwa maudhui yoyote yasiyozingatia sheria na kanuni izi,” the government said.

The new regulations further require a government official to accompany any local journalist when covering a story with a foreigner.

To further regulate the media in the country, the authority further defined watershed period as hours from 12.00am to 5am. This is the period when broadcasters can air content only suitable for adults.

The authority stated that the new regulations are aimed at l”improving content” local content.

“Kanuni hizo zimelenga kuboresha huduma za maudhui ya Redio na Televisheni pamoja na usimamiza wake kutokana na uzoefu uliopatikana kwa kipindi cha miaka miwili toka kanauni za zamani zilipoanza kutumika mwaka 2018, ” the authority added.

Failure to adhere to the regulations, the government said, licensed media houses shall be fined.

Some of the journalists working with foreign media houses termed the new regulations as punitive and aimed at restricting international media from covering the October General Elections.

President John Pombe Magufuli is seeking re-election and will be facing off with renowned opposition chief Tundu Lissu.

The Magufuli-led regime has been accused of having taken control of the local media by frustrating journalists who dare to question the government.

Magufuli has also been criticized over attempt to stifle opposition through intimidations and arrests.

“Tanzania will hold its elections in October. Under the new law, foreign correspondents cannot work with local journalist and fixers – unless a government official is with them wherever they go, ” BBC journalist Ferdinand Omondi tweeted.

He added, “The Tanzanian government has already cracked down on domestic journalists. They have been intimidated, banned, and even jailed. Now, it seems state is training guns on the foreign press, seeking total control of the content Tanzania citizens consume.”


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“DEEP STATE  plans to rig me out” DP Ruto laments while exposing secret meetings

DEEP STATE  plans to rig  DP Ruto

"DEEP STATE  plans to rig me out" DP Ruto laments while exposing secret meetings
“DEEP STATE  plans to rig me out” DP Ruto laments while exposing secret meetings

Deputy President William Ruto has exposed alleged plans to rig him out of the race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

Speaking at his Karen home when he met leaders from Kajiado county, DP Ruto alleged that well connected individuals have been holding meetings, scheming against his bid.

“Tunatishiwa ati kuna system,ati deep state, ati hata tukipiga kura watatuibia, kuna watu wameketi mahali fulani wanangojea, watakuja na deep state, tutakuja na Wananchi na mungu,” Ruto said.

He stated that his team has been threatened that whatever the outcome of the vote, he would be rigged out by the so-called system.

He maintained that he will overcome all obstacles in his bid to succeed Uhuru, referring back to similar challenges he faced in 2013.

“In 2013, I was being threatened, If I was afraid, or if President Uhuru Kenyatta was afraid, we would have had the Jubilee government, its is the same thing we are being told now,” added DP Ruto.

His remarks come barely a few days after Jubilee party vice-chairman David Murathe boldly endorsed Raila as the preferred candidate to succeed Uhuru, making it clear that plans are underway to endear him (Odinga) to mount Kenya voters with a new political outfit in the offing.

A few days earlier, Odinga’s brother, Oburu Oginga exuded confidence that Raila will win the 2022 race, boldly claiming that they (Raila and his team) now have the support of the system.

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Mt Kenya power barons settle on Raila-Munya ticket for 2022

Raila-Munya ticket for 2022

Raila-Munya ticket for 2022
Raila-Munya ticket for 2022

Mt Kenya power barons popularly known as Mt Kenya mafia have settled on an Odinga-Munya ticket for 2022. In a meeting attended by who is who in the country’s power circle, it was also decided DP William Ruto should not be allowed anywhere near the presidency, at least not in 2022.

According to reports, the meeting which took place in Gatanga last week was attended by Joe Kibe, Peter Kenneth, CS Peter Munya, CS James Macharia, Business magnate Peter Munga, Kikuyu Council of Elders Chair, Speaker JB Muturi, Maoke Maore, Nderitu Muriithi and Governor Kiraitu Murungi.

”Raila is safer. But we demand Mt Kenya to get DP position and Powerful PM,Speaker of the National Assembly and half the Cabinet. Raila must accept less powerful President if he need our backing,” a highly credible source confided to this writer. Among the names flouted for the PM position is President Kenyatta.

”Establish a kitty to mobilize funds to roll out oiled Mt Kenya political campaign. Target 3 billion shillings for Mt Kenya alone.President Uhuru be the PM while Munya be Raila’s running mate,” the source adds.

Even though the meeting took place in Gatanga, Jubilee Vice Chair, a prominent figure in Uhuru’s succession politics was not in attendance. An idea of opening criminal charges against DP Ruto after 2022 was also flouted, to slow him down, even further.

Mt Kenya Tanga Tanga MPs are not spared either. The meeting resolved to front and fund strong candidates in areas with Ruto allied MPs and leaders who have openly disrespected the Presidency, as an office. Targeted seats are those for Moses Kuria, Ndindi Nyoro, Rigathi Gachagua and Alice Wahome.